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Welcome to Rogers High School!
Please call the attendance line if your student is ill or will not be able to make it to school.


*if you know you will be picking up your student early from school, please send a note or leave a message on the attendance line early, stating the time the student needs to leave and reason for the dismissal. Your student will be waiting for you at the parent pick up loop. No need for you to come in to the office to sign them out.


*Students can only be dismissed from class with an early dismissal slip or a call from the attendance office, counseling office or Main office.


*If you have an emergency, and need your student out right away, please know that some classes may not be in their classroom at the time of the dismissal and it could take some time to find them.


*it is not always possible for the attendance secretary to answer the phone, but she retrieves messages quickly, so please leave a message and she will get your student to you as soon as possible.

Rogers High School attendance office-253-841-8717 press 2
Email: [email protected]