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Marimbas in PSD
Marimbas in PSD
Posted on 04/16/2018
Puyallup School District has a long tradition of excellence in the arts. This is evident in the numerous honors and awards received annually by the skilled teachers, talented musicians, and performers.

The arts engage students of all ages and abilities to explore their potential. Beginning in elementary, students of all ages take part in general music classes with the opportunity to join the band in fifth grade.Students in grades 7 through 12 have the opportunity to join band, choir, drama, orchestra, or visual arts courses. Students often continue with the arts through post-secondary and beyond, becoming lifelong musicians either professionally or as a hobby.

The arts have the ability to captivate everyone without societal barriers of race, religion, culture, or social economics. All of which are promoted within the genre, fine arts promote the understanding and sharing of culture, promotes social skills, and enhances perceptual and cognitive skills.

The arts will continue to flourish in our schools, provide opportunities to students of Puyallup, and entertain our families and community for years to come.

Of particular interest in Puyallup is the barred percussion instrument called the marimba.

To see student musicians excel in playing marimbas, check out the video below featuring elementary students from Maplewood Elementary and Rogers High School.