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Rogers annual plant showcase
Rogers annual plant showcase
Posted on 05/18/2018
FFA students

On May 11 and 12 Rogers High School Students presented the rewards of their hard work with the Rogers Future Farmers of America (FFA) Plant Sale. The greenhouse was opened to reveal the gorgeous plants, flowers, and vegetables the students have grown and nurtured. The colorful blooms of geraniums, petunias, greenhouse with flowersbacopa, begonias, and lobelia were displayed throughout the greenhouse showing an enjoyable rainbow of colors. Accompanying the blooms of color, was an array of mixed annuals beautifully presented in a variety of hanging baskets.

This was a wonderful opportunity to support the students and give the community the opportunity to purchase an abundance of decorative color, delicious herbs, and beautiful succulents.

The students work hard year-round running the greenhouse and garden at Rogers. Through their hard work last year, the students were able to donate over 200 pounds of vegetables to the Puyallup Food Bank

Rogers currently has 47 juniors and seniors in the plant and science program. The students were responsible for planting, growing, and maintaining their individual plants and vegetables.

Two girlsEleventh graders Katie Nunamacher and Kari Miller were the calibrachoa growers. Calibrachoa flowers are defined as a tiny petunia on steroids. Calibrachoa grows and flowers at an amazing rate. These extremely vigorous plants made for colorful, cascading accents in the hanging baskets.

When asked what she enjoyed most about the class eleventh grader, Katie Nunamacher, replied, “The experience. Learning how to plant and transplant plants.” Both Katie and Kari said they would love to continue in the plant and science program at Rogers.

The diligence and commitment of the students is clear, for their final products were both flourishing and abundant.

This year the students sold 4,000 plants and 80 hanging baskets. In less than twelve house, the students made $6,700. The money will be spent on building up the garden to grow more vegetables for the local food bank.