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Why was the Court of Appeals at Rogers?
Why was the Washington State Court of Appeals at Rogers High School?
Posted on 06/01/2018

On May 24, 2018, Washington State Court of Appeals Division II heard oral arguments during a community visit to Rogers High School.Court Appeal Judges

Students in AP Government and Civics class attended the session. At the end of the arguments students were able to ask the panel questions about the process and judicial system.

At least two times a year, the court travels outside of the courtroom to allow community members an opportunity to see the Court of Appeals in action.

The panel consisted of Chief Judge Bradley Maxa, Acting Chief Judge Linda Lee, and Judge Lisa Worswick. Three appeals were argued with 15 minutes for each side. The cases were:

  1. State v. Grocery Manufacturer’s Association (GMA) — GMA’s appeal of a $18 million civil penalty imposed for violations of the Fair Campaign Practices Act relating to GMA’s opposition to a 2013 ballot initiative that would have required all food packages to identify ingredients containing genetically modified organisms (GMOs);

     State v. Cleon Moen — Moen’s appeal of his conviction for aggravated first-degree murder for killing his wife, and his sentence of life imprisonment without parole, which he claims is unconstitutional because he is elderly and suffers from dementia;

  2.  State v. Llewellyne Holcomb — Holcomb’s appeal of his multiple convictions, which he claims should have been dismissed because of excessive delay in bringing his case to trial. 

“There is growing understanding of the importance of civics education and holding court in schools. It gives students a ‘real life’ experience with the judicial branch of government and we enjoy interacting with and answering questions from the students.”

  • Court of Appeals Division II Chief Judge Bradley Maxa

For information regarding the Court of Appeals and other levels of court, visit the Washington Courts website at