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Counseling & Career Center
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Counselors Email   Phone
   (A-De)  Anna Franich [email protected]
(253) 604-3336
   (Df-J)   Tim Lynch [email protected] (253) 604-3338
   (K-O)    Lori Tierney    [email protected]
(253) 604-3337
   (P-S)    Javan Chow    [email protected] (253) 604-3335
   (T-Z)     Alyssa Capocy + AVID [email protected]  (253) 604-3339
   OTGS  Michele Livernash
Email the On-Time Graduation Specialist if
your student needs credit retrieval or has
questions about graduating on time.
*OTGS is located in the MAIN office
[email protected] (253) 604-3658


Monday 9am – 3pm 

Tuesday-Friday 8am - 3pm

Telephone   (253) 841-8722 

Fax   (253) 841-8780

Student Services/Counseling Office

We are located in the C building doors ~ enter through the glass double doors and the counseling office is just to your right. 

Follow us on Twitter: Counseling and Career Center

Join us in the following Schoology groups:
- RHS Counseling Department - CT2ZF-8VJJX
- Running Start - DWPG9-WTJ33
- Advanced Placement - FKN56-4XQ6Q


  Transcript Requests     
Please see the Transcript Request link on the menu or Here

Need Help?  

Crisis Text Line: Text "HEAL" to 741741. The Crisis Text Line serves anyone, in any type of crisis, providing access to free, 24/7 support via text.  

Pierce County Mental Health/Crisis Line: 1-800-576-7764  

The Pierce County Crisis Line is a free service available 24 hours a day, seven days a week that provides immediate help to individuals, families, and friends of people in crisis or looking for support throughout Pierce County. 

Enrolling Your Student          If you are new to the Puyallup School District, please see the Enrolling Your Student link below.

  Student Services Staff    

For enrollment/registration, withdrawal, order transcripts, education verifications, make an appointment with a counselor or general questions.
Megan DuCette  [email protected]
Phone: (253) 841-8722
Registrar and Counseling Secretary 

**Please request transcripts via Parchment

***Please fax Education Verifications to (253) 841-8780

For enrollment/registration, updates of contact information, make an appointment with a counselor or general questions. 
Ruth Hanson [email protected]
Phone: (253) 604-3340
Counseling Secretary

If you have questions about how a class was posted to your transcript:
Barbara Wilcox [email protected]
(253) 604-3346
Data Processor 

For questions regarding the HSBP:
Richard Mitchell [email protected]
(253) 604-3342
Career Specialist & HSB Coordinator

For signatures on employment paperwork or questions regarding the HSBP:
Liz Oakes 
[email protected]
(253) 604-3343
Career Center Secretary 

Diploma Pick Up          
Please come during summer office hours listed below. The graduate must be the one that picks up the diploma.  Photo ID must be shown.

  Replacement Diploma      Diplomas are a one-time ceremonial item and the Puyallup School District does not reproduce them. You have the option to order a diploma by emailing [email protected] You will need to provide the following: your complete name at graduation, your birthdate, the school you graduated from, the date of graduation, your phone number and current mailing address.  There will be a $40.00 cost to you.

  Technology Help      If you need assistance with Schoology or Home Access Center contact: 
PSD Technology Easy Guides and How-To Documents: Technology Help
Help Desk Phone, 7:00am to 4:00pm


Free & Reduced Lunch        

To find out if you qualify for Free or Reduced Lunch? 
Apply for the meal program online  HERE
Is you have questions, please phone Food & Nutrition at (253) 841-8773

Schoology will keep you up-to-date on grades and class assignments with due dates.  You can also message teachers and be a part of groups that help you know what's happening on campus and ways to be involved.  

Your STUDENT Schoology is:  [email protected]

Your STUDENT Schoology password is:   first name initial, last name initial, birth month (2 digits) and birth day (2 digits)  

Example:  John Smith born March 7th would be JS0307

Parents, please email [email protected] for your Schoology access code to see your students progress at RHS.

Home Access Center  
HAC shows class schedules, attendance, interim progress reportss, testing, and unofficial transcripts.

Special Announcements    

Attention Rogers Students!

We understand that life can get really stressful  (with school and out of school), and we want to support you in that. Join our destressing group for games, learning helpful stress management skills, and sharing a calm space to be at in between a full day. 

We meet as a small social group every Wednesday at 12:15pm in Room 131. Please reach out to your school counselor if you’re interested! - Ms. Kurtz 

  La linea directa de habla hispana   

Message line to help Spanish-speaking families:

The Puyallup School District has a message line and email box to help Spanish-speaking families with questions about topics ranging from grading and school registration to attendance boundaries and district policies.

The message line can be reached at (253) 604-3300 . It is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week from August 1 through June 30. The typical response time is within 1 working school day unless there is a holiday or school closure.


Tenemos una línea de mensajes Latina para ayudar a familias que hablan español

El Distrito Escolar de Puyallup ha puesto en marcha una línea telefónica para las familias latinas que hablan español. Allí pueden dejar mensajes con preguntas sobre cualquier tema. Por ejemplo, preguntas sobre la matricula o registración, calificaciones, la escuela que le corresponde a su familia, las pólizas del distrito, etc.

La línea de mensajes es ofrecida a través de la Oficina de Asuntos de Diversidad del Distrito y está abierta 24 horas del día, siete días a la semana del 1 de agosto al 30 de junio. Haga sus llamadas al número (253) 604-3300 o escribe un correo electrónico a El tiempo de respuesta típico es dentro de 1 día escolar de trabajo, a menos que haya un cierre de escuela o vacaciones.