What is College in the High School

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What exactly is College in the High School?



Purpose and Definition

College  in the High School (CHS) programs provide college level academic courses in  high schools to serve qualified high school students.

CHS  programs are established through a contract between a high school and a college or university. The high school and  college or university together define the criteria for student  eligibility. Local contracts shall  clarify if participants in CHS classes are only those students seeking to earn  college credits or if the classes can be comprised of both (1) students who are  not seeking college credit and (2) those who are. In order for coursework to be recorded for academic credit, programs must adhere to the following guidelines.



High  school students enrolled in CHS are officially enrolled in the college or  university and must meet college specific course requirements and  pre-requisites.

For  students enrolled in CHS, regular college/university policies and regulations  regarding student performance and classroom behavior shall apply. Normally, college student behavior policies  will apply to all CHS classroom activities.  High school policies will apply for activities outside the CHS  classroom.



CHS  courses must be taught by teachers meeting faculty appointment criteria  established by the appropriate college/university department. Their titles will vary according to  institution norms.

The  college/university will provide CHS instructors with training and orientation  that includes course curriculum, assessment criteria, course philosophy, and  CHS administrative requirements.

Faculty  will be evaluated according to regular college faculty evaluation procedures,  as established at the respective offering college/university, and may include  site visits and on-going interactions that may address course content, course  delivery, assessment, evaluation and professional development in the field of  study.



College/university  courses administered through CHS are listed in the college/university’s  catalogue of courses and approved through the regular course approval process  of the respective college/university. These courses have the same departmental designation, number, title, and  credits and adhere to the same course description. Additional designation codes, such as a  location code, may be added.

For  students seeking college credit, the course must use the same grading and  transcript policies that apply to courses being offered in the  college/university's regular curriculum.


Assessment and Program Evaluation

Student  outcomes in CHS courses will be assessed by the same standards used for the  course when offered on the college/university campus.

Institutions  offering CHS will conduct studies of student outcomes to compare students  completing courses at the high school with those completing the same courses in  college settings.