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Registration Worksheet and Checklist

Download and Print here

Registration Checklist.docx

RHS 10th Grade Registration Worksheet 2022-2023 Fillable.pdf

RHS 11th Grade Registration Worksheet Fillable.pdf

RHS 12th Grade Registration Worksheet Fillable.pdf


Use this checklist to make sure you register correctly! Students must:

Select required classes for your grade

(Note: these are typical schedules. If you have finished any of these required classes early, you do not have to repeat them)

10th Grade, Sophomores

1.0 English
1.0 Biology

1.0 Math


+ 3.0 others

11th Grade, Juniors

1.0 English
1.0 American Studies

1.0 Math

1.0 Science

+ 2.0 others

12th Grade, Seniors

1.0 English

0.5 Civics
0.5 Social Studies Elective


+ 4.0 others


Select EXACTLY 6.0 regular requests

Select AT LEAST 3.0 alternate requests.
Make sure your alternates are listed as STUDENT alternates (not course alternates!)

Plan to complete a Graduation Pathway
See Course of Study or Graduation Requirement Worksheet for details

Graduation Pathway Overview
Career Pathway: 2.0 credits in an approved CTE Course Sequence
Military Pathway: Minimum ASVAB score
College Pathway: Specific English and Math classes, or assessments

Additional considerations if you plan to attend college:
Washington State universities have admission requirements called College Academic Distribution Requirements (CADRs). Some CADRs require advance planning:

Plan to complete 2.0 World Language credits (or 3.0 for competitive schools)
Make sure you start by 10th or 11th grade, so you have time to finish by graduation

Plan to take a quantitative course senior year for admission to WA universities
Take a math-based class during senior year: a math course, an algebra-based science, or AP Computer Science.*

*Students can fulfill this requirement by completing Pre-Calculus before 12th grade

*Algebra-based science courses taken during senior year will complete both the Science Elective requirement for high school graduation, as well as the senior year quantitative course requirement for university admission.