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Frequently Asked Questions
FAQs for 22-23 Registration.pdf


How do I sign into my Home Access Center (HAC) account?

Log onto your PSD district device and select the CLEVER dashboard. Then click on Home Access Center. From here, click the Classes icon and scroll down and select 2022-2023 COURSE REQUESTS


How can I look up my transcript?

Sign on to Home Access Center (see directions above), click the Grades icon, then click on Transcript. “Right click” to print if you would like to print a copy.


What classes are offered at Rogers?

Courses for the next school year will be viewable in HAC when registering online. Classes are also listed on the RHS Course Selection Sheet, accessible online through our website 2022-2023 Courses Offered at RHS You will also be able to view brief videos of various RHS programs on our school website.

Course offerings and descriptions can also be found here: Link for Course of Study Guide


I cannot find ASL under World Languages?

ASL is found under CTE courses. Any course description that has “CTE” behind it, is going to be found under the CTE section in HAC.



I do not know which English class to take.

Talk to your current English teacher for suggestions and review the Course of Study for class descriptions.


I want to get into a music class, and it will not let me register for it?

Please email Mr. Wisness for a Choir audition: [email protected]

Please email Mr. Pickard for a Band audition: [email protected]


What do I do if I want to add my 8th grade Algebra or Geometry math or world language to my transcript?

See your current school counselor for students graduating prior to 2024 to Fast Start your credit(s).

Are there any graduation requirement credits that are flexible?

Yes, there is flexibility with World Language, Fine Arts, and Fitness based on your personal pathway. More information can be found on the Graduation Requirements Worksheet and in the Course of Study.


I am having trouble with online registration, who can I call for help?

Barbara Wilcox, Rogers HS Data Processor                          
Rogers High School Counseling Office
(253) 604-3346                                                                                  

*If you are a current 9th grader, please contact your current school for assistance.

What if I am having technical difficulties? Try restarting your computer. If that does not work, please call Ed Tec (253) 841-8600 to assist you.


My laptop is acting up, who can assist me with getting a replacement laptop?

For current RHS students, please call the RHS librarian (253) 604-3938

For current 9th grade students, please contact your current school for assistance.