2020-2021 School Year
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Posted on 08/17/2020







Student Patron time (Scheduled meetings with teachers)




Student Patron time (Scheduled meetings with teachers)

Student Patron time (Scheduled meetings with teachers)

Homeroom/2nd Period School Culture Social emotional learning Student News Assemblies Recognition Community Building




Teacher Planning





1st Period

4th period

Office Hours (Teachers available for students)




2nd Period

5th Period

Optional Meetings for AP, SPED, ELL, AVID

12:00-12:25-1st Period 12:30-12:55-2nd Period 1:00-1:25-3rd Period  1:30-1:55- 4th Period 2:00-2:25-5th Period 2:30-2:55- 6th Period



3rd Period

6th Period






4th Period

1st Period



5th Period

2nd Period



6th Period

3rd Period




Office Hours (teacher available for students)

Office Hours (Teachers available for students

12:00 – 3:00 on Monday afternoons is designated as self-guided learning time for most secondary students in the PSD. AP students, students in certain Dual Credit courses, AVID, ELL, and SPED. Monday afternoons will be another optional live instruction period.



As we move into the next first full week of school, we begin our Monday schedule. Please continue to encourage your students to “log in” and attend all sessions. As a staff we are continually refining and working on our technology to enhance the learning.


Rogers School News

Monday Schedule- All students are required to attend their homeroom Monday morning from 10:00-11:00. At RHS, homeroom is the same grouping of students as 2nd period classes. During this time students will partake in social emotional learning, video updates with important information, RAMTV, student recognition, community building, and much more. From 12-2:55 there are optional meetings for students. Students are strongly encouraged to attend these meetings for extras support. If a teacher is not hosting an optional meeting Monday afternoon, students are to continue working on their independent assignments for their classes. Please see the attachment for the Monday schedule.

Monday Home Room video links

50th Anniversary – https://youtu.be/Y9mJPPgtius  

Admin Update - https://youtu.be/5OTlwP0S7fI

Welcome Video - https://youtu.be/4_iC8VpEccc


Computers and Tech Support - We still have student computers available for anyone still needing one. Just call or come to the office and we can get you set up. For tech support, call PSD Tech Helpdesk at 253-841-8600


Digital Citizenship - Please remind your students that good citizenship, whether online or in school, is still expected. Remind them that class sessions and chats are recorded. We understand that students, like all of us, are new to this system. But, the expectation of being engaged and appropriate to each other has not changed.

School Meals - Just a reminder that school meals are available from 11-12 on Mondays. If there is no school on Monday, Tuesday will be the pick up day. This is a drive thru event. Please enter campus off of 86th ave.

Family University for PSD Families
 – The Puyallup School District is proud to launch Family University, a collection of quick-tip videos and resources for families and students. Videos focus on topics such as:

•  Schoology Basics
•  Teams Meetings
•  Office 365 Tips
•  Clever
•  Caring for your computer
•  Home Access Center (HAC)
•  Microsoft Translator
•  And more!


If your student doesn't have a HAC account here is the link to register for an account


Family Community Resources – The PSD has a wonderful website page dedicated to supporting our families by sharing general COVID-19 resources, Veterans’ Services, Food Services, Possible Internet and Housing Support, etc. - if interested, go to: https://www.puyallup.k12.wa.us/news/what_s_new/c_o_v_i_d-19_community_resources