Call 253-841-8721 to report an absence
Posted on 09/05/2019

To report a students absence please call 253-841-8721

If student is sick
- please call the Attendance office and leave a message stating the students name and reason for the absence. 
If student needs to leave school early- please send a note with the student stating why they are leaving and have them take it to the attendance office for a pass to leave at designated time.
If you didn't send a note for the student, you may call the attendance office and leave a message for them to get a pass to leave school at the designated time. Please allow enough time for the attendance secretary to find your student so they will be able to leave on time. 

Planned absence-If your student will be gone for a significant amount of time, please get a planned absence sheet for the teachers to sign and turn it back in to the attendance office.