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Coaches Corner
Coaches Corner!
Posted on 11/13/2020

Season 2
Coaches Corner Episode 1 Culturally Responsive Classrooms. Principal Smith, Coach Zentz, Mr. Schwebke.

Coaches Corner episode 2 Join Roland Sydney, Connie Richardson, and 3X SUPER BOWL Champion Harry Sydney discuss Commitment and Accountability. Harry shares with us how his organization, works with struggling men to get them back on track and focused on the right things

Coaches Corner episode 3 This week, Women in Sports, with Amy Looker, Kelly Kim and Colleen Pancake.

Coaches Corner episode 4 
 Students share tips for success for online schooling

Coaches Corner Episode 5  Coaches Rambow, Bowen, Zentz, and Johnston talk "Return to play" 

Coaches Corner Episode 6  "Return to play" part 2

Coaches Corner episode 7 Coach Rambow and the Hosts of the "Whatever Show" reflect on the positive and negative impact of words spoken to them.

Coaches Corner Episode 8   RHS Alumni talk about the Power of Words

Coaches Corner Episode 9  RHS Athletic director Pete Collins, Coach Rambow and Coach C. Richardson talk WIAA shifts Sports seasons.

Season 1
Coaches Corner episode 1 Coaches Johnston, Zentz and Rambow talk Rogers High School sports.

Coaches Corner Episode 2  WIAA Cup Breakdown with Pete Collins, Coach Bowen and Coach Rambow.

 Coaches Corner episode 3 Coaches Rambow, Ancheta, and Wisness talk with Neuroscience specialist Missy Widmann about Myelination and deep practice. 

Coaches Corner Episode 4 Ms. Cosme, Ms. Hall and Coach Zentz talk Leadership and Rambassadors. 

Coaches Corner episode 5 Coach Johnston, Rambow, Amy Looker and Missy Widmann talk about the Orchid and the Dandelion book

Coaches Corner Episode 6  Former RHS Athletes discuss managing college life and sports with Coach Zentz and Coach Rambow.

Coaches Corner Episode 7 Coaches Willingham, Connie, Potes and Moises Iniguez discuss how Rogers High School can improve through conversations about race.

Coaches Corner Episode 8 Connie Richardson, Willie London, and Rogers Alum Brandon Gibson talk about their experiences growing up and what they believe are the greatest obstacles moving forward. Premieres at Wednesday June 16 at 7 am.