January Alternate Schedules
January Calendar
Posted on 01/08/2021

January 15th No Asynchronous classes in the afternoon

January 18th MLK Day. 

Bell Schedule for Jan. 28 (Last Day of 1st Semester)

1st period 9:00-9:35am

2nd period 9:45-10:20am

3rd period 10:30-11:05am

Lunch 11:15-11:50am

4th period 11:50-12:25pm

5th period 12:35-1:10pm

6th period 1:20-1:55pm

Bell Schedule for Jan. 29 (First Day of 2nd Semester)

1st period 9:00-9:25am

2nd period 9:30-9:55am

3rd period 10:00-10:25am

4th period 10:30-10:55am

5th period 11:00-11:25pm

6th period 11:30-11:55pm