Prep Days
Prep Days!
Posted on 06/24/2019

Ram Prep Days
- These days are designed for students to pick up class schedules, purchase ASB cards and yearbooks, have ID photos taken, pick up their one to one device and turn in parking applications. Students who are new to the district must turn in a completed enrollment card in order to participate in Ram Prep Day.


Administrators and counselors will be available to help with any questions or concerns and tours of the school are available upon request.  All activities will take place in the commons. Please follow the schedule listed below according to the first letter of your last name.


Seniors—Monday, August 19th

A-D         8:00

E-I          8:30

J-M         9:00

N-Q         9:30

R-T         10:00

U-Z         10:30


Juniors—Monday, August 19th

A-D         Noon

E-I          12:30

J-M         1:00

N-Q         1:30

R-T         2:00

U-Z         2:30


Sophomores—Wednesday, August 21st

A-D         8:00

E-I          8:45

J-M         9:30

N-Q         10:15

R-T         11:00

U-Z         12:00


NEW** Student one to one devices will be checked out on orientation days.  Please be present to check them out!


Open House – We will host an open house on Thursday, August 29th, 4:00p.m. to 6:00p.m.  This is an opportunity to walk campus and visit teachers in classrooms.


ASB and Yearbook Charges - $65 for yearbook and $40 for ASB card. Checks are to be made out to Rogers High School. Note: Students who participate in a sport are required to purchase an ASB card and pay an additional user fee of $75 per sport.  You may also pay online at, please remember to bring you receipt with you.


School Photos - A flyer from B and B photography is enclosed in this packet. Purchasing school photos is optional; however, all students will have their photo taken on Prep Day for ID purposes. If you choose to purchase school photos, please write a separate check to B & B.


Senior Photos - Seniors will have their ID photo taken on Prep Day, but senior pictures and yearbook photos are to be scheduled with a photographer of your choice using the specifications provided on the yearbook website


Athletic Clearances - All student athletes must be cleared through the Athletic Director prior to turning out for a fall sport.  Athletes may bring their clearance cards to school on the following dates: August 19-23rd in the gym lobby, PLEASE see schedule and important information are posted on the RHS website.