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Books, Textbooks, and Laptops

Library Materials
Students are limited to three library books/materials.
Library books/materials typically circulate for three weeks. Renewals are possible.
Please check with library staff if you require more than three books/materials. 
Lost or damaged materials are fined full replacement costs.
All library fines are settled with the RHS Bookkeeper. 

Students are financially responsible for the replacement of lost or damaged textbooks.
Check with the Puyallup School District website for information on fines for damaged/lost textbooks, as well as current PSD textbook policy.

Secondary 1:1 Devices
All technology devices fall under the purview of EdTec.
Students are financially responsible for the replacement of lost or damaged devices and supplemental equipment.
Currently, for the 2022-2023 school year, said replacement costs are:

 Device   $780.00
 Sleeve/Case $13.00
 Charger/Power Supply  $38.00
 Stylus or Digital Pen $38.00

By way of completion of the P3 Form, students and their families may elect to purchase device insurance. This insurance coverage provides for expenses associated with a damaged device. Also, the P3 Form must be completed prior to issuance of a Secondary 1:1 Device. P3 Forms are available in the Main Office. 

For help with your Secondary 1:1 Device, please visit the library during the school day. You may also contact EdTec for support by dialing 8600 from a campus phone or call them at 253.841.8600.

Computer Usage
Electronic Resources Policies are printed in the Student Handbook and are also available on the Puyallup School District website.
The library allows for limited free student printing.
Student documents should be backed up and saved to the cloud.
Devices are intended for educational use.