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Lap Swim

Lap Swim General Information

 We will be fully reopen for lap swim effective July 6, 2021.

You NO LONGER need to have a reservation for lap swim.

Lap swim is a program designed for persons 12 years and older (or Pool Manager's approval). 

General Admission: $4.25
Seniors 55+: $4.00

July 6 - August 22, 2021

Monday through Friday:     3:00 - 3:55p
Monday, Wednesday:     8:30 - 9:30p
Tuesday, Thursay:        8:00 - 9:30p
Please check the Pool Closures page for changes to this schedule.

Scheduled Closures: 

July 3-5th: Independance Day Holiday
August 23-November 13:Fall Sports Closure

Please see Pool Schedule or call 253-845-8787x5 for the latest pool closures

**Subject to change without notice** 

**Check with pool prior to arrival regarding last minute closures and schedule pool closures, Option 5 on the phone menu**

Safety precautions and information

Lap Swim and Stationary Independent Workout (SIW):

Drop off/Check in/Organization:

-Patrons will be dropped off (or park and enter) through the front door of the Pool. Once arrived at the front door, patrons will be asked to use the LEFT set of doors and to wait for a pool representative at the doorway to be screened prior to proceeding to the cashier. All patrons are asked to maintain a 6-foot distance between themselves and others who may be in the lobby area.

-Patrons will then be scanned at the doorway for their temperature and will be asked to answer a short survey confirming they are not ill and have not been exposed recently.

-Patrons must arrive within ten (10) minutes before or after their time slot to avoid crowding of the lobby space. There will be markings to assist in maintaining this distance.

-All patrons will be required to sign a waiver, waivers will be required to be completed for very entry into the facility. Waivers will be sent via Microsoft Forms when patron books the slot and are required to be submitted prior to entry. There will be some paper copies onsite, if needed.

-Once the patron has been checked in and screened, they will proceed to the left through the Vestibule doors to the waiting area at the second set of blue doors. A staff member will confirm that they have been screened and have checked in and will allow admittance onto the pool deck once it is safe to do so.

-All patrons must wear a mask from the time they are dropped off until they get ready to physically enter the swimming pool. There will be a place to put your mask on the deck.

-All equipment must be brought with the patron and no equipment from the facility will be available to be used.  In water (in building time): Patrons will come to the facility ready to swim (taking a cleansing shower before coming), if they need to use the bathroom before swimming, they will use the bathrooms located in the vestibule with a limit of one patron at a time. A pool staff member at the door will assist with this.

-Lap swimmers will follow the pool deck to the left and to their designed lane number SIW patrons will proceed to the left no matter on where their assigned station is located and will continue around the pool deck if they are in one of the far-side spots. Patrons will not congregate or stop before they get to their designated spot.

-Each patron is allotted 50 minutes for their workout. They may leave early if they do not wish to use the entire time frame, however, they still must arrive at their designated time.

-Once completed with their workout, or the time of their lane/station has expired, the patron will follow the arrows on the pool deck around to the locker rooms, where they will use them while observing strict social distancing, as marked on the benches of the locking rooms. All patrons will observe a 10-minute rule while in the locker rooms and are expected to come in their swimsuits and are highly encouraged to shower at home following their program. 

-Once finished, patrons will exit the locker rooms to the lobby and will leave through the LEFT doors (the doors closest to the locker rooms).


-All patrons will proceed directly out of the locker rooms through the front doors and into the parking lot.
-Patrons are expected to wear a mask at all times they are outside of the pool, including on the pool deck, in the locker rooms, and through the lobby and parking lot.


-There will be no equipment available for use. All equipment must be brought and taken back by the patrons.

-Social distance guidelines and mask guidelines are still in effect in all areas of the facility, including the parking lots and all areas of ingress and egress. 

-Lap swim is limited to two participants per lane, per time slot, except in the case where multiple members of the same immediate household can attend, limit three (3) per lane. Stationary Individual Workout patrons can have up to three (3) people from the same immediate household.


Lap Swim Fees 
Open to people 12 and older
General Admission - $4.25
Senior Citizens - $4.00

Pool Passes 
25 admissions - $90.00
(good for any program but lessons) 

Passes are non-refundable. 

Pool Policies 

*All swimmers must wear a swim suit. 

*Children 12 years of age and younger must be supervised on-site by an adult.
*Children 13-17 years of age must have a buddy or adult on-site. 
*Locks are not provided but their use is encouraged.
*Cash, checks, and credit cards are accepted. Credit cards will have an additional $1.65 convenience fee per transaction. Bills larger than $10.00 will not be accepted. 


*Once a program starts refunds are not given