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Summer Swimming Lessons

Group Swim Lessons

The American Red Cross Learn to Swim Program is used. Registration is done online only at  Late Registrations are permitted as availability allows. No refunds once the program has begun. Masks are required when not in the water, including in the locker rooms. Please come dressed ready to swim and limit time in locker rooms to under 5 minutes to allow everyone space. Please follow current PSD policies and CDC guidelines, requiring anyone not in the water to wear an approved, double layer mask that covers the nose and mouth.

Click here for more information regarding youth swimming level

Fee per session: $72.00
Youth Lessons
Each session has eight 30-minute lessons

Private Swim Lessons

We offer private swim lessons for $27.50 per 30 minute lesson running concurrent with our public lessons. Registration is at

Morning Lessons

Monday through Thursday

9:00a, 9:40a, 10:20a & 11:00a


Morning 1:         JULY 6 - July 9

Morn 1: Register June 12th, starting 8am
*This class is only 4 classes, running TUESDAY through FRIDAY*
*reduced price: $36*


Morning 2:         July 15 - July 25

Morn 2: Register July 10th, starting 8am


Morning 3:         July 29 - Aug. 8

Morn 3: Register July 31st, starting 8am


Morning 4:         Aug. 12 - Aug. 22

Morn 4: Register Aug. 14th, starting 8am

Evening Lessons

Tuesday & Thursday

5:20p, 6:00p, 6:40p, & 7:20p


Evening A:          JULY 6 - July 22

Eve A: Register June 12th, starting 8am
*6 classes for reduced price of $54*


Evening B:          July 30 - Aug. 22

Eve B: Register July 24th, starting 8am

Saturday Lessons

Saturday Mornings

9:00a, 9:40a, 10:10a, 10:40a


Saturday:           July 10 - Aug. 28

Sat: Register June 12th, starting 8am