Winter 2019/20 Athletic Clearance: 
Feb. 5 - Feb. 21: Both Lunches and After School until 3:00 PM
Monday, Feb. 24: Both Lunches and After School until 3:00 PM

Tuesday, Feb. 25: Both Lunches and After School until 3:00 PM
Thursday, Feb. 27Both Lunches and After School until 4:00 PM
Friday, Feb. 28Both Lunches and After School until 3:30 PM
Monday, Mar. 2Both Lunches and After School until 4:00 PM
‚ÄčTuesday, Mar 3: Both Lunches and After School until 4:00 PM
Wednesday, Mar 4: Both Lunches

For the most up-to-date athletic contest schedules, please visit the
South Puget Sound League website at:

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Rogers High School believes that interscholastic athletics promote sportsmanship and citizenship. Athletic programs instill pride in school and the community, teach self discipline and other lessons for life, and develop students physically and emotionally.

Athletics are an extension of a soild educational program. Students who participate in athletics tend to maintain higher grade point averages, have better attendance, and pose fewer discipline problems. Participation in the Rogers High School athletic program is a valuable part of a student's high school career.

The athletic department endeavors to ensure that each competing athlete will:

  • • Have the opportunity to develop his/her athletic abilities to a personal and team level of excellence.
  • • Have a safe and positive athletic environment in which to compete.
  • • Experience positive principles of physical and mental health.
  • • Be taught and expected to display principles of high moral character and sportsmanship.
  • • Be encouraged to develop traits of creativity and discovery in all activities.
  • • Maintain the tradition of “class” and respect that Rogers High School has developed throughout its athletic history.


Peter Collins
Athletic Coordinator, CAA
Rogers High School
(253) 841-8717