2020-21 Athletic Clearance - GET CLEARED NOW!

At this time, athletic clearance for 2020-21 will be completed electronically. Students will need to complete the online permission forms, then e-mail Mr. Collins their sport(s) of interest while attaching any updated physical, concussion screening, and emergency action plan paperwork (if necessary).

CLICK HERE for specific information about the clearance process and the 2020-21 sports calendar.

How to Get Involved in Athletics at Rogers High School

In order to participate in athletics at Rogers High School, students are required to complete the athletic clearance process. A student may complete this process by turning in all completed forms to the building athletic coordinator during the posted office hours prior to the start of the sport season. The athletic clearance process is outlined below.

Please do not wait until the last day to complete the clearance process. You may miss practice/tryout time!   

1.  In order to participate at one of the three PSD high schools, the following requirements must be met:

A.  Complete the digital forms found at
Athletic Eligibility Form
b. Parent Permission and Consent Form

B.  Submit a current physical examination form to the high school Athletic Coordinator. Most physicals are good for two years. The physical must be valid for the entire sport season. (WIAA #17.11.0)

C.  Submit a current baseline concussion testing form to the high school Athletic Coordinator. All Basketball, Football, Soccer, and Wrestling athletes must receive concussion baseline screening by/or under the supervision of an MD/DO/ARNP/PA-C/ATC who is trained in concussion management, prior to participation. Information can be found on the PSD website under Programs / Activities & Athletics. Click here for information regarding baseline concussion screening dates at ATI Sports Medicine.

D.  Submit a Clearance Card to the high school Athletic Coordinator. Students must submit a new Clearance Card every school year. These cards can be found in the Main Office at Rogers.

E.  If a student has a life-threatening health condition or needs access to emergency medications, then an Emergency Action Plan or Current Medication Form, signed by a physician, must also be submitted.

F.   Pay the Athletic Fee ($75 per season) and purchase a high school ASB Card ($40). These fees can be paid in person with the school bookkeeper prior to athletic clearance, or by using the EZ School Pay system a (a convenience fee is charged). In either payment situation, bring your receipts with you to the Athletic Director during clearance. (Students in cut sports—Volleyball, Soccer, Boys Golf, Basketball, Bowling, Baseball, Fastpitch, and Girls Tennis—are not required to pay the fees until after team selection, but prior to the first contest.)

2.  Scholastic Grade Review:

The Puyallup School District requires that each student pass a minimum of five (5) classes and earn at least a 2.0 Grade Point Average on the previous semester’s report card in order to gain initial athletic eligibility. Students must then maintain these standards throughout the designated sport season (WIAA #18.7.0).

3.  Residency:

Each athlete is required to reside within the boundary areas of the high school in which they plan to participate. Transfer/Waiver rules will apply in certain situations. (WIAA #18.10.0).

Athletes must clear through the Rogers Athletic Coordinator in order to begin practice. If an athlete practices without going through the clearance process, he or she will be subject to athletic probation and/or suspension. If you have any questions, please contact:

Peter Collins
Athletic Coordinator, CAA
Rogers High School
(253) 841-8717