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CTE Dual Credits at Rogers High School

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What is the TECH PREP Dual Credit Program in Washington State?

What it is:

Tech Prep is an industry and education partnership committed to providing a highly-trained and motivated workforce, prepared to pursue lifelong learning in a changing technological society.

Tech Prep provides occupational pathways for students by preparing them for technologically advanced careers and postsecondary education by emphasizing strong academic, technical, problem solving, and critical thinking skills. Tech Prep prepares students for the world of work and helps maintain a quality life in a changing society.

Tech Prep is a national educational initiative. It includes a rigorous and focused course of study that provides students with essential academic and technical foundations that prepare students with necessary workplace skills.

How it can benefit you:

Each of the state’s 22 Tech Prep consortia have developed competency-based articulation agreements between high schools and colleges that help students transition from high school into post-secondary professional-technical programs. Through Tech Prep articulation agreements, colleges award credit to students who successfully complete college-equivalent courses and programs with a "B" or better, and starting high school classes beginning in fall 2019 a  grade of "C" or better will be required to earn Dual Credit  while still in high school. Articulation agreements between the individual college and school define the criteria for equivalency and the granting of credit.

      • Students earn college credit while still in high school
    • Students gain valuable occupational skills and related work experience

    • Families save money on tuition, books, and lab fees

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    DUAL CREDIT CLASSES offfered at RHS 2021 -2022 .pdf


               Financial Literacy


               Business & Marketing I, II, III



              American Sign Language I, II, III, IV

                    *(credit awarded through Seattle Central College)


              MEDICAL CAREERS

               Medical Terminology

               Introduction to Medical Careers

               Anatomy & Physiology

               Sports Medicine I, II

               Certified Assistant Nurse (CAN)



              & ENGINEERING

               ACE Academy I, II, III


               Digital Photography I, II

               Graphic Design I


              COMPUTER SCIENCE

               AP Computer Science Principles

                      **(credit awarded through AP testing and CTE Dual Credit)


               CAD and Drafting I, II



               Relationships and  Human Development

               Child Development

               Teaching Careers



              Robotics I



               Nutrition and Fitness


               Video Productions I, II, III


               Biology-Natural Resources

               Viticulture - Soil Chemistry



               Web Design I, II


               Manufacturing I, II



               Welding I & II, III

     All Courses Listed have articulations for college credit through PC3 Careers Connection for one or more of the following Colleges:

    Bates Technical College - Clover Park Technical College - Pierce College

    For Specific information about each course, please refer to individual pathway tabs on the left side of the screen

     *This course receives credit through Seattle Central College

    **This Course may receive college credit upon earning  a 3,4,5 on the corresponding AP exam and through PC3.

    Other Dual Credit Classes offered at Rogers High School through the following programs:

    Running Start

    College in the High School - (see your high school counselor)

    Advanced Placement

    *Click on the links above for more information about these programs*