Science and Natural Resources

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Science and Natural Resources Pathway

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Plant Science I

Plant Science II

Natural Resources Biology



Michael Mensonides




Programs of Study and Pathway Honors at Rogers High School

Below is a quick guide to the sequence of courses required to complete a Program of Study and/or earn Pathway Honors. Students who complete the following Programs of Study will receive a Certificate of completion. Students who earn a B (3.0) or better in each of the required courses are eligible to receive Pathway Honors at graduation and will be honored with Pathway Cords to wear at graduation.

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Certificate of Completion Pathway Honor Cord


Horticulture – Plant Science

Required Courses - must complete a minimum

of 3.0 credits from the following:


  • Biology Natural Resources or Biology – 1.0
  • Plant Science I - 1.0
  • Plant Science II - 1.0
  • Landscape Design – 1.0


Natural Resources

Required Courses - must complete a minimum

of 3.0 credits from the following:


  • Biology Natural Resources – 1.0
  • AP Environmental Science - 1.0

plus one year of:

  • Chemistry - 1.0
  • Plant Science – 1.0
  • Marine Resources - 1.0


Lab Sciences

Required Courses - must complete a minimum

of 3.0 credits from the following:


  • Biology Natural Resources or Biology – 1.0
  • Chemistry - 1.0
  • AP Chemistry - 1.0
  • AP Biology - 1.0
  • AP Physics – 1.0
  • Astronomy – 1.0


Running Start Students


Equivalent Courses taken through the Running Start Program will be considered for the Pathway Honors Cords



Students will be awarded their Certificate of Completion and their Pathway Honor Cords based on grades from their transcript. No application is needed for these awards.


The following Science and Natural Resource Pathway Courses at Rogers High School

are Dual High School and College Credit Courses

See the Chart below for Specific Transfer Agreements


Put an X next to classes you are taking.

High School
Course 1

High School
Course 2

High School Course 3




Articulation Agreement

Course Number


Course Number


Course Number



Biology-Natural Resources





ENV 109




Introduction to Ecology


Biology-Natural Resources





ENV 141




Introduction to Environmental Science


Dual Credits

How do I get my dual credits posted to a college transcript

once I have decided where I am going to attend?


Most of the dual credit classes offered through Rogers High School have agreements through one or more of the three colleges listed - (Bates, Pierce, Clover Park) These three colleges will transcript your credit at no cost to you. You must use the directions in the next section to get your credits transcripted. Then if you plan on attending another college like Tacoma Community College for example, you can then send your Bates, Clover Park, or Pierce transcript to TCC to be used as transfer credits.

Bates Tech Coll                                                                Pierce College                                                  Clover Park

To POST Dual Credits to ONE of the following colleges (depending on which one has the agreement

with the Puyallup School District for your class): Bates Technical College, Pierce College, and Clover Park Technical College:


EMAIL 1. your full name (first, middle, and last name), 2. high school name, 3. a copy of your high school transcript, and 4. The name of the college where you want the credit transcripted: Email to:

Georgia Elgar, dual-credit program specialist


Once your request is received by Pierce County Careers Connection, they will send your request for transcription to one of the following colleges and a college representative will contact you on the status of your request via e-mail (there is no charge for this service at the colleges)

If you are taking ASL, the process is as follows:

Seattle Central College:

The Student will fill out application in the appropriate High School ASL Class and return to the RHS ASL High School instructor. The High School Instructor will send information to the Seattle Central College registrar who will then post the credits to an official Seattle Central College transcript.