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-Cispus Leadership Center 2022
Cispus Leadership Center
Posted on 08/22/2022
Cispus Group Photo


This Summer 21 cadets from Governor John R. Roger High School “Ram” Battalion visited the Cispus Learning Center in Randle, Washington for our annual Leadership Camp. During the four days of camp, the cadets participated in leadership class taught by the incoming battalion staff members, conducted a four-mile hike highlighted by two waterfalls (Angel Falls and Curtain Falls), various team building activities, and a full day of the LOW Ropes Course. During these events, the cadets were placed in various leadership roles to help strengthen their leadership skills and conduct activities that pushed every cadet beyond their limits.  Cadets on battalion staff were counseled in their positions, and 1st Sergeants got the opportunity to lead Drill and Physical Training.  They were given the opportunity to challenge themselves mentally and physically. Cadets learned and understood more about themselves and their roles as well as the elements of leadership.  These growing leaders motivated each other and built trust among the group throughout activities such as trust falls, night watch, and the obstacle courses.

Overall, CISPUS gave the cadet leadership a chance to improve and build relationships, as well as experience comradery with each other outside of a school environment, making them a more efficient team and family.