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-Parent / Cadet Icebreaker 2022
Parent / Cadet Icebreaker 2022
Posted on 09/09/2022
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2022 Annual Parent-Cadet Icebreaker


This night on September 21st, 2022, we had our yearly Parent-Cadet Icebreaker. The event was made for parents of our cadets to know and be aware of what their child is getting into. The staff of our Ram Battalion put together a presentation breaking down what this year will look like and what your cadet will have the opportunity to do such as a ball, community service events, teams, competitions, boot camps, parades, and much more. This is a way for our JROTC parents to have an insight on our program and to ask any questions they need. JROTC is a student-led program so our cadets are the real leaders. Our Army Instructors, using their army-based knowledge, guide us cadets to lead and to become better citizens. After our staff went over our presentation, we had a moment for any questions or statements the parents had. That would conclude our Annual Parent-Cadet Icebreaker.