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-Sports Competition 2022
Sports Competition
Posted on 09/29/2022
Sports Comp Formation

2022 Annual Sports Competition



This fall, 57 cadets from Governor John R. Rogers High School “Ram” Battalion attended this year’s 2022 Annual Sports Competition. The activities that the cadets participated in were the rally race, volleyball, capture the flag, soccer, and at the very end, tug of war. The cadets who ran the event and mandated every station were the staff members of the battalion. We had 4 different companies that attended. The companies were Alpha Company, Bravo Company, Charlie Company, and Delta Company. We divided the cadets among the companies so that each company had a fair number of cadets playing against each other. We went over sports rules at each sport station and spoke about safety rules before beginning the event. Each company were to compete to see who would win the most games at each sport. Whoever the winner was from all 4 companies got the chance to go against the Staff members in tug of war at the end of the event. After all the cadets got a chance to compete in the different sports, the Command Sergeant Major marched each company off the field and back to the classroom. Afterwards towards the very end of our event, the cadets got to eat some burgers and hotdogs with a side of chips and water before they left. That would conclude our 2022 Annual Sports Competition.